The AFLW: it’s all that

For the first time we’ve been able to build our own stories around Australian football players who are just like us.


Ronda and me

You can develop strange obsessions while doing your doctorate. I’ve developed a fascination for Fiat Arbaths. And Ronda Rousey.

Beyond the shelves

When I first started this thing I thought it was the lack of books being on the shelves, in order,…

Back on track

I’ve rebuilt the wall. I’ve collected interfaces. I’m making pictures. I’m working through Christmas.

The local

You know your phd is in need of an injection of something when bits of your map are being carried around by the dog.

London wedding


As well as going to a conference in London, I got to enjoy it for the first time. Since I…


“Good researchers are very curious people: they want to KNOW stuff. But to write a thesis you have to learn…