What I talk about when I suddenly need to talk about running

(Because there IS more to life than books you know, but admittedly not much more, I will sometimes be forced to write other stuff)*.

These are the facts:

  • In 2008 I attempted to get fit and achieved a stress fracture in my foot
  • In 2010 I attempted to get fit to play football again. I signed up, played two games and found out I had a stress fracture in my tibia.
  • In 2013 I fell down the stairs, broke my foot and tore ligaments in my ankle.

In between all this I have had bouts of bursitis and sciatica because of my shitty hips and lower back.

Oh, and I’ve put on a whole lot of weight. I was finding it hard to get on the bus and running was something I did before, you know, I got like this. Before I became this shape and made my hips and back shitty. Running became nothing less than an assault on the body. Unnatural and out of reach.

Yesterday I ran for 9 minutes on the treadmill. (After doing 20 mins on the bike and 4 x 400m on the rower). Today I ran for 10 minutes on the treadmill. (After a 4 x 400m warm up on the rower and upper body weights).

I’m f**king sore. Specifically in the wibbly bits above my backside where there is just too much of me, but my goodness, I am going to love waking up and hobbling to the bathroom tomorrow morning.

In 6 months I am going to run the ParkRun with Lizzy. I will you know.


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