ChimneysWhen you have a child who NEVER wants to write, school projects are torture. Thankfully the school my son attends seems to accommodate, to some extent, children who learn in different ways. The instructions for Dash’s project listed a number of visual ways in which his research could be documented and the results presented. Dash chose a model. His research question: where do you get the bricks to make a brickworks?

He spent an afternoon last week walking around Sydney Park with my DSLR taking photos. Then on the weekend we built the model. He was very firm: he wanted to model it in clay. Not having a way in which to fire it we had to build in air-drying clay. It was possibly not the result he had envisaged, but he went through the process of making it and making decisions based on the materials he had and what he wanted to achieve. And we spent a few hours just enjoying it.

So much more fun than fighting over the right way to spell things.


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