Newly minted

KindergartenOn 30 August I began my doctorate. The project I have been working on for about 12 months has grown into a fully-fledged research higher degree and I’m pretty much well beside myself.

For many years I have dithered. When I was younger I dithered about what I wanted to be. As I grew older I dithered about what I wanted to pursue in terms of study. I gave up on being something because I didn’t really have an answer to that. I just wanted to find out about things, think and write about them. I tried a couple of things but between life crises and just plain bad luck, nothing seemed to stick.

Six years ago I made a decision that was rash but passionate: I moved back to the small town where much of my family lives. That decision taught me many things: I love the country but probably can’t live there, wonderful things are found in tiny pockets of the world, mowing the lawn is one of my great loves and sometimes you have to take a risk – if you want something badly enough that is not just a choice, it’s required.

Taking risks can lead to happy accidents. It can create an environment where serendipity can work.

Finding the design degree at UTS was somewhat serendipitous. Changing my work hours around and juggling my home life to fit in around day classes was a risk, but it paid off. I managed to get myself, (through more good luck than management), in the right place at the right time where many of the things that intellectually fascinate were met with the right academics.

Getting into the phd program has not been without its hiccups. I’m big and ugly enough to believe there will be many more hiccups but nothing that some determination and a willingness to embrace risk can’t get around.

I can’t wait.


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