What I have learned about supervision. So far.

Most times when I meet my supervisor(s) I am pretty sure I have everything organised. I know what I am going to talk about and I feel like I am on track.

Most times what happens is:

1. I start to talk about what I am doing and I realise I am struggling to tell a story because there is none.

2. My supervisor says yes that’s good…but, what about…

3. I realise I have been on some weird-arse track and taken myself somewhere that was a dead end/overly ambitious/just plain ridiculous

4. I am pulled back on track like a dog on a halty.

I’m pretty sure I have a brain, I wouldn’t be doing this otherwise. But sometimes in these discussions I am given cause to wonder whether I use it. It might be because I spend a lot of time on my own, over-thinking. It might be because I am very disorganised. It might be because doing this has made me feel like an undergrad again: unsure and feeling like I need to prove myself. Or it could be because this is just normal and my supervisor is doing a sterling job.

Whatever the case, it’s working.