7 things that are getting me through this PhD

One thing I learned while blogging was that when you are having trouble writing, write a list. Even before the listicle, hoary old bloggers knew the power of a list, however arbitrary or frivolous.

So I give you: Things That Are Getting Me Through This Phd (unnecessary and incorrect capitalisation intended).

1. Spotify
Although in this household we’ve been agonising over spending the cost of a bottle of wine a month on Netflix, I signed up for the top level Spotify account ages ago and it’s paid for itself many times over. Aside from the stoushes my mobile regularly has with my son’s mobile over who is going to control Spotify, music on demand is THE BOMB. (And yes I listen to new music).

2. Digital radio
Ok, this is already becoming themed but…NewsRadio on my phone when I walk the dog, DoubleJ at any time, 90s Mix on weekends and ABC Jazz at night, if you don’t have a digital radio or app that does the job, fix that immediately.

3. Football
There are no months of the year when there is no football. AFL March to September. European football August to May. Sometimes there’s World Cup and European Championships. There’s also the small matter of a Swans membership. Why football? Because as Camus said:

“All that I know most surely about morality and obligations I owe to football.”


4. Altoids mints

Not that I have any now. I’ve run out. And I don’t go to the US until October. My usual suppliers’ passports are unusually dormant. Here’s hoping the person I know visiting Chicago right now remembers it’s peppermint. Thank you.

Altoids tin

5. Twitter
Quite possibly one of the best research tools I use. I don’t get involved in many discussions but it’s indispensable for finding out, for being in touch, for KNOWING. Even if you never tweet, follow.

6. Podcasts
So, apparently I use my ears a lot. Probably because when you have a child/children you learn to cram in your own stuff whenever you can and listening is often the best way to do it. While cooking dinner and washing up: Football Weekly and Chat 10 Looks 3.

7. Counting steps
The gym and I have an intense relationship. I LOVE YOU AND I WANT TO GO EVERY DAY AND I AM GOING TO MARRY YOU or gym? Sorry? So I’ve decided not to beat myself up and acknowledge that even if I don’t go to the gym I can at least walk. At least 10K steps a day. I measure it on my phone. It counts steps, kms and flights climbed. Of course, measuring it and seeing it makes you want to do more. It’s not going to turn me into the woman I was before I had a child but it will at least make me feel better about not doing other things. And just better generally.

The End.

(Oops!  And my family. And my dogs).

Rosie dog


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